Metacid: minimum btc withdrawal is 0.002? :O
Metacid: How long wait for payment?
Kieran: 1 confirmation is required
Jumpjack: We're can I buy eg from?
Jumpjack: That elite gold
Bratella: or
Kieran: 👍
Cha: yo
Cha: this game is garanteed loss right
Cha: because its 49%
sad123123: u can change %
Kieran: just drag the slider left/right to adjust the win chance
Legion08: do you have to deposit to withdraw?
Kieran: no
Mekky: hello
Kieran: hi
jayjaynavaja: kamusta
eaea: w
tff: should i put in my black market profile link or the forum one to withdraw?
Jin: @tff the forum one
CowMan: wait wtf there's mionimum withdrawal?
Kieran: of course 😄
KoiPanda: This have is a bit addicting
KoiPanda: Game
Kieran: BTC withdrawals maintenance is complete, all open withdrawals have now been sent.
Blackbearded: Yo sup
throwawayact: Thank you for giving me 0.5 cents worth of Bitcoin.
Kieran: 😏
Brahmingee: How am I going to withdraw
Brahmingee: ???
Kieran: just click on the withdraw button and follow the instructions
dylans21: how long this site been around for?
Angel00: Hello all
Kieran: hi
Kieran: We've launched at the end of 2017 @dylans21
666thtr: this is real?
Kieran: yes 🙂
xxxhome: low
MyNameBot: hello
MyNameBot: everyone
Jin: Hi
G0010: can some one send me 1$ in bitcoin ?
G0010: i will give my adress
Blackbearded: Hello can some one send me 10$ btc pls l
dadsss: hi
Jin: hi
dhmhrhs1997: plsssssssss 2.5kk pokemon planet @dhmhtrgs1997 my name
meow13376: tf is this site
Kieran: dice :)
Spenotka: ahhhhh
francy9900: to the one who wants
francy9900: bitcoin free
francy9900: go to work apes
francy9900: no one give anything 4 free in this world
francy9900: scrubs
francy9900: this shit is so intense
francy9900: if you win
francy9900: i give you 1 btc
Hiipso: i won 32$ today
Blackbearded: My deposit is missing
Blackbearded: Please help me I kill myself
Kieran: please check again
Blackbearded: Thanks so so much
Blackbearded: Can I make a few accounts?
Kieran: yes
ilhann21: sa
virusss: moink
Key: Hi 😃
Shizuka: Hello guys
Lunar6969: bet id 7,724,609
asdlkasn: "please help me i kill myself
Joemama: e
Egim: Hey
Egim: how are you all? <3
Kieran: Hi 🙂
Jin: hey
Flajsman: hay
escatron: hi
gsfjgdfjskl: what's good
gsfjgdfjskl: who's actually here
virusss: hi
Kieran: Hi
kkkkkkkk: hello
Kieran: Hey
Nerfman7: Its been like 1.2 hours and my deposit hasn't gone through
Kieran: we require 1 confirmation before your btc transaction gets credited
Kieran: it seems you got it already, use a higher fee next time
Natrix: lost back to back multiple now im out lol. has anyone made anything on here?
Kieran: the stats page should give you an answer on that :)
Forzy: hi
Kieran: 👋
Jin: Hi
Toganic: hi
Kieran: Hi


How to verify?

To verify the integrity of your bets you first need to change your current seed pair in our fairness tab. After doing this the server seed will be released, which is required to verify the outcome of your bets using the code below.



$serverSeed '';


 * @return float|int
function generateRollNumber($clientSeedNonced$serverSeed)
$hash hash_hmac('sha512'$clientSeedNonced$serverSeed);

$i 0;

$roll intval(substr($hash$i 5$i $i 5), 16);

    while (
$roll >= 10 ** 6) {

$roll intval(substr($hash$i 5$i $i 5), 16);

        if (
$i 128) {
$roll 99.99;

$roll %= 10 ** 4;
$roll /= 10 ** 2;


Deposit Bitcoin

To deposit Bitcoin, please send the desired amount to our elitepvpers account by clicking the button below. Make sure your oddeven username is in the note field. All payments are usually processed in about 60 seconds.

Withdraw Bitcoin
Your withdrawal will also have 0 Bitcoin subtracted to cover the transaction fee.
Deposit BTC

To deposit BTC, please send the desired amount to the address below.

Your personal BTC deposit address
Only send BTC to this address. All transactions are processed after 1 confirmation.
Withdraw BTC
Your withdrawal will also have 0.00001312 BTC subtracted to cover the transaction fee.
Change seed
New server seed hash
New client seed
On oddeven, all bets are provably fair. This means that there is no way to manipulate the outcome of your bets.
Current seed pair
Client seed
Server seed hash
Bets made with pair


Previous seed pair
Client seed
Server seed
Server seed hash
Bet search
Bet #%(betId)s
Placed by %(username)s, .








Joined .

Total wagered

0.00000000 BTC

Total profit

0.00000000 BTC

Total bets


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