Kieran: :D
Tobisus_: rip
Isalo: 👻
Gigashock: lol
Pr3xx0r: :D
blabla: Do you guys give +1 trade onepvp?
Jin: @blabla No, in order to prevent fraud.
TEpoon: hey gays
Isalo: xD
GinChilla: hello
Kieran: Hi
xSinisteRR: wassup
Kieran: We'll be doing some updates during the day, oddeven will be unavailable for a few minutes during this timeframe.
Kieran: The update was successful, you can read the changelog here:
Joe: yeet
Joe: just won 300 dollars
Joe: jk I wish
Kieran: 😜
jayarduey: guys is this legit btc?
Joe: Is this legit?
Joe: hello
Yselli: hello
Kieran: Good news! The bug which caused automatic betting to abort has been fixed. 💪
politicalpeep: lol im playing without any money
Kieran: yes, that is possible :)
asdasdasdasdasd: what is this lmao
Kieran: a dice site 👍
jjasci29: can you give me ecoin
Jin: @jjasci29 You can click on "faucet" in the menu bar to get a small starting credit.
hemroidsftw: how longs it take for withdraw?
Jin: @hemroidsftw For elite*gold it usually takes 30-60 seconds. The Bitcoin payout usually lasts no longer than a few minutes, but may vary.
hemroidsftw: i saw. i use binance and their payouts take longer then others thats why i was asking
Janker: 0.00000001 BTC 2.475x < 40.00 28.16 0.00000001 BTC
Janker: Why i recceive same ammoun
Janker: i bet, when payout is 2X
Kieran: the payout always includes your bet amount
lollolol: impossible
lollolol: because that means 0 house edge
lollolol: your lieing
Kieran: ? the house edge is 1%, set the win chance to 50% and you'll see a payout of 1.980x
lollolol: yhyh
lollolol: bro iv look at your fking java sctripts
lollolol: infact
lollolol: im gonna rip this site from you
lollolol: thanks
Jin: xD
Kieran: okay? 😂
Kieran: I'm not sure what you are trying to tell us 😅
Kieran: it's still funny though
Kieran: some crazy guy ;)
Mogoraf: hi
Mogoraf: Is it easy to make money?
Kieran: yes, if the luck is on your side
1300: saldyngapala27
1300: 1300 po
TylerBoydx3: It´s easy to make Profit here
Kieran: 👍
stacks: yo
stacks: this site dope just found it.
Jin: Thank you! 👍🏻
stacks: You guys need some staff? I have colleg experience and administration experience!
stacks: This sites been up for longer than 2 years? wow, im shocked i haven't found it.
Kieran: Not at the moment, but I'm glad you like our site. :)
stacks: no problem man, imma suport it!
09074237446: how to play this game
Kieran: set your bet amount and roll target
Kieran: then click on the "roll dice" button ;)
stacks: yo
Jin: 👋🏻
stacks: LOL
kellymaria: Hello...all
virusss: hi
Jin: Hi
aidengatlin548: i'm scam ..
aidengatlin548: doble spend this site ?
Kieran: what do you mean?
alfredo123: gago
Sri: hello
Jin: Hi
eslam2018: eslam
eslam2018: eslam
Goodgoy: Shalom
Jin: Hey
sotta: yo
Shad: What is this thing
nou: idek how i got here
Noxire: nobody does
wadsd23: ت
ou78gyo8ugyu: Hi <3
Noxire: what can i do with this EG? xd
CMTFrosty: lol
CMTFrosty: need 17.74 to withdraw..
CMTFrosty: at least
Kieran: actually it's 26 EG
Kieran: @Noxire EG is used as currency on


How to verify?

To verify the integrity of your bets you first need to change your current seed pair in our fairness tab. After doing this the server seed will be released, which is required to verify the outcome of your bets using the code below.



$serverSeed '';


 * @return float|int
function generateRollNumber($clientSeedNonced$serverSeed)
$hash hash_hmac('sha512'$clientSeedNonced$serverSeed);

$i 0;

$roll intval(substr($hash$i 5$i $i 5), 16);

    while (
$roll >= 10 ** 6) {

$roll intval(substr($hash$i 5$i $i 5), 16);

        if (
$i 128) {
$roll 99.99;

$roll %= 10 ** 4;
$roll /= 10 ** 2;


Deposit Bitcoin

To deposit Bitcoin, please send the desired amount to our elitepvpers account by clicking the button below. Make sure your oddeven username is in the note field. All payments are usually processed in about 60 seconds.

Withdraw Bitcoin
Your withdrawal will also have 0 Bitcoin subtracted to cover the transaction fee.
Deposit BTC

To deposit BTC, please send the desired amount to the address below.

Your personal BTC deposit address
Only send BTC to this address. All transactions are processed after 1 confirmation.
Withdraw BTC
Your withdrawal will also have 0.00002543 BTC subtracted to cover the transaction fee.
Change seed
New server seed hash
New client seed
On oddeven, all bets are provably fair. This means that there is no way to manipulate the outcome of your bets.
Current seed pair
Client seed
Server seed hash
Bets made with pair


Previous seed pair
Client seed
Server seed
Server seed hash
Bet search
Bet #%(betId)s
Placed by %(username)s, .








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