Kieran: we'll introduce an affiliate system soon
a3deare: Are you planning any competition for elitepvpers?
Kieran: we had one recently, but more are planned, yes
BTC: Playing for BTC what are the limits?
dowcip12: I deposited BTC 10 minutes ago and I still don't have them
dowcip12: Can anyone help me?
dowcip12: I got sorry for the panic
dowcip12: I have :D
Kieran: 1 confirmation is required before you receive the amount :)
NeuroNet: Howdy
NeuroNet: It is extremely hard with the slider to exactely put it to a certain number...
NeuroNet: any tips how to set it at "point" ?
Kieran: on which number you want to set it to?
NeuroNet: Can you please check your btc processing daemon? Waiting on a deposit
Kieran: Everything seems to work fine. Please contact [email protected] if you're missing a transaction.
NeuroNet: Thanks Kieran. Just checked. Confirmation takes forever. Haha
Kieran: I see, unfortunately we need at least 1 confirmation to avoid fraudulent deposits
NeuroNet: No worries. I take a bo
NeuroNet: A nap and check back later. Haha
Kieran: 👍
NeuroNet: All good Kieran. Thank you for your support 👍
NeuroNet: Hi. Kieran are you around?
NeuroNet: When I try to put my withdraw address in it ALWAYS says that it's not valid
NeuroNet: "Please enter a valid address."
NeuroNet: And I c/p it from my wallet....
NeuroNet: worked. lol. I feel stupid :D
NeuroNet: And... Awesome quick withdrawl!
scoobs: is this site legit
NeuroNet: yes. I played for a few days
NeuroNet: cashin and cashout for BTC worked fine.
VLND: How long till EG gets on my balance?
Kieran: what was the problem @neuronet? 😅
Kieran: @vlnd 1 minute
joaquin: sdpokg
Gjwne: Hi
Gjwne: boiz
Kieran: Hi
BloodyDiamond: Hey, any admin online here?
BloodyDiamond: Sadly forgot to type my name into the egold transaction and now its obviously not showing up :/
Kieran: I fixed that for you
songonha: hi all
Gjwne: Hi
Kieran: Hey
Josh2464: hey i deposited $15 how long will it take?
Josh2464: btc
Josh2464: @Kieran
Kieran: after 1 confirmation
family324: crossfire
kasper: 55 e gold to 1063 not bad
ycrown: panoba mag payuot dito?
Kieran: english?
GODTM: bro im making bank
GODTM: its not letting me withdraw
GODTM: @Kieran
Kieran: withdrawals are working fine, could you please be more specific?
OUTBACK: can I set egold somehow?
OUTBACK: nvm found it
zedstorm0: Kieran
zedstorm0: Isn't there an event to duplicate the payout ?
Kieran: no, where did you read that? 😅
akaneya: whats about that site?
Kieran: we're dice site
badvirus: hello hello guys
Kieran: Hi 🙂
fizzana1: hola
Kieran: 👋
Trade: Hi
Kieran: Hello :)
1BTCnOUT: hmm game seems easy are there any bugs or issues i should know about?
Kieran: no, we're not aware of any bugs
xonineli: hi
xonineli: can i witdhraw without deposit
xonineli: withdraw
Kieran: sure
asdfasdf23: how is everyone? :D <3
Kieran: Hey :)
asdfasdf23: Why is it when I verify my bets I get a different outcome?
asdfasdf23: Can you confirm the code shown on the verification page is still up to date?
Kieran: it is, make sure that you use the server seed (not the hashed one)
asdadwad: can we get refferal program up? :)
Kieran: Hello 👋
pancotto: hello
pancotto: how it work?
windshadowruins: ez wins
UsernameMC: ale gujo
Betatheta: hello
Betatheta: who is admin?
Kieran: how may I help you?
Betatheta: are you there?
Betatheta: ı want record video this site. can you help me?
Betatheta: ı wrote mail [email protected] this mail
Betatheta: please check
Betatheta: are you there?
Kieran: yes, I'll reply you
bahram12: hi
Kieran: hi


How to verify?

To verify the integrity of your bets you first need to change your current seed pair in our fairness tab. After doing this the server seed will be released, which is required to verify the outcome of your bets using the code below.



$serverSeed '';


 * @return float|int
function generateRollNumber($clientSeedNonced$serverSeed)
$hash hash_hmac('sha512'$clientSeedNonced$serverSeed);

$i 0;

$roll intval(substr($hash$i 5$i $i 5), 16);

    while (
$roll >= 10 ** 6) {

$roll intval(substr($hash$i 5$i $i 5), 16);

        if (
$i 128) {
$roll 99.99;

$roll %= 10 ** 4;
$roll /= 10 ** 2;


Deposit Bitcoin

To deposit Bitcoin, please send the desired amount to our elitepvpers account by clicking the button below. Make sure your oddeven username is in the note field. All payments are usually processed in about 60 seconds.

Withdraw Bitcoin
Your withdrawal will also have 0 Bitcoin subtracted to cover the transaction fee.
Deposit BTC

To deposit BTC, please send the desired amount to the address below.

Your personal BTC deposit address
Only send BTC to this address. All transactions are processed after 1 confirmation.
Withdraw BTC
Your withdrawal will also have 0.00021111 BTC subtracted to cover the transaction fee.
Change seed
New server seed hash
New client seed
On oddeven, all bets are provably fair. This means that there is no way to manipulate the outcome of your bets.
Current seed pair
Client seed
Server seed hash
Bets made with pair


Previous seed pair
Client seed
Server seed
Server seed hash
Bet search
Bet #%(betId)s
Placed by %(username)s, .








Joined .

Total wagered

0.00000000 BTC

Total profit

0.00000000 BTC

Total bets


Total wins


Total losses


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