Kieran: some crazy guy ;)
Mogoraf: hi
Mogoraf: Is it easy to make money?
Kieran: yes, if the luck is on your side
1300: saldyngapala27
1300: 1300 po
TylerBoydx3: It´s easy to make Profit here
Kieran: 👍
stacks: yo
stacks: this site dope just found it.
Jin: Thank you! 👍🏻
stacks: You guys need some staff? I have colleg experience and administration experience!
stacks: This sites been up for longer than 2 years? wow, im shocked i haven't found it.
Kieran: Not at the moment, but I'm glad you like our site. :)
stacks: no problem man, imma suport it!
09074237446: how to play this game
Kieran: set your bet amount and roll target
Kieran: then click on the "roll dice" button ;)
stacks: yo
Jin: 👋🏻
stacks: LOL
kellymaria: Hello...all
virusss: hi
Jin: Hi
aidengatlin548: i'm scam ..
aidengatlin548: doble spend this site ?
Kieran: what do you mean?
alfredo123: gago
Sri: hello
Jin: Hi
eslam2018: eslam
eslam2018: eslam
Goodgoy: Shalom
Jin: Hey
sotta: yo
Shad: What is this thing
nou: idek how i got here
Noxire: nobody does
wadsd23: ت
ou78gyo8ugyu: Hi <3
Noxire: what can i do with this EG? xd
CMTFrosty: lol
CMTFrosty: need 17.74 to withdraw..
CMTFrosty: at least
Kieran: actually it's 26 EG
Kieran: @Noxire EG is used as currency on
yossif: yossif
Kieran: Hey
kll: I sent in some btc
kll: when does it refresh?
Kieran: after 1 confirmation :)
pejarlz: I need help paid out wrong
Kieran: please contact [email protected]
Kieran: Our competition rules have been updated. Visit our epvp thread for more details.
pejarlz: I once found an old slot machine that I had on the site :D
pejarlz: I can give you you will have more customers; p
pejarlz: why when I paid 7005, only 6995 sent me?
pejarlz: eg
Kieran: we charge 10 eg for each withdrawal to cover our costs to solve the recaptcha
Kieran: you mean a real slot machine? 😅
pejarlz: Such a typical fruit
pejarlz: I created something of this type from scratch. Picture for example.
Kieran: looks awesome
pejarlz: 3,493,975 pejarlz less than a minute ago 8,129.8303 EG 1.053x > 5.99 2.66 -8,129.8303 EG
pejarlz: wtf?
pejarlz: why was it playing for 8k?
pejarlz: limit is 500
pejarlz: I wanted to take a picture and released it for 8k
pejarlz: it's a joke?
Kieran: bet:3493975 this one?
pejarlz: yes
Kieran: I don't see any error here
pejarlz: There is a 500 egold limit, right?
Kieran: yes, that is our profit limit
pejarlz: I always put the max and then subtracted because it did not enter, and now it came in, why?
Kieran: I'm not sure what you mean
pejarlz: So why was the 8k lol bet placed?
Kieran: could you please explain in more detail?
pejarlz: 3 times in a row I squeezed the attitude 8k 2 times the inscription popped out 3 times went.
pejarlz: and it took everything strange ...
pejarlz: This means that the bid should not be accepted. It has been accepted by your device error.
pejarlz: I lost 8k + e gold because of your mistake.
Kieran: maybe you could upload a video of your problem? I don't understand what you did exactly.
Kieran: you can send it to [email protected]
pejarlz: I sent an email.
Kieran: please note that there is no bet limit, only a profit limit
Kieran: you probably moved the slider
pejarlz: I didn't move anything
Kieran: but your roll target was 5.99
Kieran: I just checked our logs, you betted 50 eg at a roll target of 7.99 before your 8k bet, betting 8k with the same roll target would result in a profit of 600 eg
Kieran: which isn't possible because of our 500 eg profit limit
Kieran: then you've reduced your roll target to 5.99 with a possible profit of 425 EG
skankhunt42: test, lalala solata
skankhunt42: all in!
Goodgoy: Gogogo rush b no stop
pejarlz: I transferred money in btc about 10 minutes ago I haven't received it yet what is it?
Kieran: your btc will be credited after 1 confirmation


# Username Amount
2 The-last-Hope 0.01059534 BTC
3 whoami 0.00773348 BTC
4 Hidden Hidden
5 virusss 0.00370662 BTC
6 AfroApple 0.00333333 BTC
7 HarveyS 0.00277244 BTC
8 kamswhqp 0.00244900 BTC
9 xs247 0.00230716 BTC
10 qutrmigr 0.00202308 BTC
# Username Amount
1 The-last-Hope 0.40336038 BTC
2 virusss 0.39412596 BTC
3 Hidden Hidden
4 Hidden Hidden
5 Hidden 0.08593823 BTC
6 ssa 0.08268413 BTC
8 olga 0.07117944 BTC
9 pejarlz 0.05385742 BTC
10 Hidden Hidden
# Username Amount
1 The-last-Hope 0.04500000 BTC
2 AfroApple 0.01409000 BTC
3 pejarlz 0.01066162 BTC
4 virusss 0.00539650 BTC
5 Hidden Hidden
6 Hidden Hidden
7 Gabenlords 0.00250000 BTC
9 Cicada 0.00200000 BTC
10 ssa 0.00183808 BTC
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